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Cycle 3 Orientation, At least 100 people are set to  benefit 

May 5, 2021


Cycle 3 Orientation.jpg

Cycle 3 Orientation, At least 100 people are set to  benefit

Just A Girl tuition-free vocational and empowerment program continues to remain a beacon of hope for hundreds of Liberian girls and women. The 3rd cycle orientation sets the ground rolling for the start of the 6 months of intensive training, JAGI’s program officer  Jimmy Frank announced.

About 150 girls, women, and young men are poised to benefit.

With computer literacy, electricity, and soap-making added during cycle 3 to the program, the incoming beneficiaries were excited about acquiring new skills.

The orientation was characterized by fun time, acquaintance, and networking between the incoming beneficiaries, current beneficiaries, and the staff. At the close of the orientation, students moved around the campus to know their various departments and instructors.

For her part, It was a big welcome from Just A Girl’s founder and CEO where she encouraged the learners to make the most of the opportunities Just A Girl has provided them to better their lives by acquiring skills to make themselves more valuable to their country, communities and families.

“As you prepare to join in as beneficiaries of cycle 3, I want to encourage you to kindly make maximum use of this opportunity, our goal is that girls and women would have the right skills that put incomes into their hands to make them productive citizens, so please make the most of this opportunity.

Just A Girl vocational and economic empowerment program is tuition free and beneficiaries are drawn from various communities, benefiting both literate and illiterate girls and women who are desirous of acquiring skills in tailoring, Catering, Computer, interior decoration, electricity, and soap making.

Cycle 3 will last for six months and at the close of the learning cycle, beneficiaries will be certificated quality to work in their area of specialty.  

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