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About Us

Just A Girl Initiative is a non-for-profit that was established in late 2014 by Liberian Journalist, Evelyn Kpadeh Seagbeh. The initiative was birthed out of a conviction after Evelyn investigated and produced a detailed radio documentary on the growing wave of teenage prostitution in post-war Liberia. After documenting the stories of some young commercial sex workers, Evelyn felt onus to help rescue and empower some of the girls.

From sowing a seed of helping Just 4 girls, the organization has grown and has touched the lives of over 250 girls, women, and youths. The organization does this through the provisions of vocational and economic empowerment, education, advocacy, mentorship, sexual and reproductive health education, agriculture, community service & volunteerism, civic awareness, and training.

The organization’s program and interventions has over the years extended and is now benefiting other girls and women across communities who are not commercial sex workers, but they lack  access to opportunities to empower and advance their lives. 

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