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Cycle 6
Application for Admission is Open


2024 Vacation Enrichment Program

The Vacation Enrichment Program (VEP) is a part of the many programs we run to help child and adolescent to get engaged into productive and minds transformative activities while schools are closed as they prepare for the new academic year. 

 The program will run for six weeks and during this period, the children will be mentored, taught about their self values, helped define their learning goals, and t given basic skills in arts and crafts, computer science, tailoring, and music and dances. 

At the end of the six weeks, Just A Girl will present certificates of completion or achievement to all the children who successfully completed the program in the presence of their parents, who attended the closing events to celebrate their child or children. 

We are also pleased to announce how excited our skills trainers and social workers are to receive those beautiful and bright future leaders for this year's VEP. 

The CEO has also assured parents of their children's safety while they are at our premises.  

 As we seek support from kind-hearted individuals and institutions to support the children this year, Just A Girl extends heartfelt gratitude to the Lucky Pharmacy Family for their initial financial contribution to this year's Vacation Enrichment Program. 

Registration for the VEP will end on July 20, 2023 at Just A Girl's offices. Parents are required to pick up their VEP enrollment form and have them filled up and return with one  passport size photo of any background color. 

Cycle 5 
Just A Girl ICT Project

The goal is to train 50 female high school graduates to have basic computer literacy skills and networking programme. This is also going to be Tuition free.

What we need for this unique project are:

1. Ten additional computers ( laptops) so that each girl is assigned to her own computer to work efficiently
2. One Projector
3. Big White Board
4. One Generator or solar light system installation to save us from the electricity challenge we have and continue to experience running the computer program, since government has yet to bring electricity to our community.
5. One Internet device 
6. Additional seating, chairs, and desk to host the additional computers
7. Monthly Internet Recharge Cards

For *Just A Girl ICT Project* we are going to be soliciting donations of the items listed above,  or if any of you know people, NGOs, Schools, or charities both here and abroad wanting to donate these kinds of items or school furniture, please remember or recommend Just A Girl.

By the grace of God, we know that we have not been able to get any donor support as of yet, but with the little that our few committed individual sponsors give to the cost of empowering communities and the lives of girls and women, we have done our best to manage them properly, and today, Just A Girl has made so many impacts, and we are even now expanding to other communities and counties.

2023 Expansion Plans

This year 2022, with the help of God we were able to expand Just A Girl economic empowerment program to Mount Barclay in Montserrado County making it Empowerment Center #002.

Next year  2023, the goal is to
expand to one 1 more county, which might either be (Bong or Grand Bassa) depending on what you the board, would advise. Earlier this year, we had a request from Maryland County from a clergy member for us to extend the program there, but we could not because JAGI does not have the resources even to move the materials there to the southeastern part of Liberia, which has even been compounded by the bad road network. These conditions made it impossible to decentralize Maryland.

As part of the Expansion Plans, I have been in conversation with my friend in Johannesburg after my meeting with him during my recent trip there to have Just *A Girl Initiatives South Africa* when will I finalize the rest of the documentation processes and update you.

Lastly, We will appreciate board members who are currently in Liberia to please lend us just 3 hours of your time on December 31 to join us for this occasion and to celebrate these beneficiaries. I will really be excited to see you all.

God bless you all. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy 

Evelyn  Kpadeh Seagbeh 

Electrician-Opportunity (4).jpg

Upcoming Opportunity

See below for details

Empowering young females as technicians

The application deadline has been extended to Oct 30, 2021! We are encouraging passionate females to apply now to get enrolled in our Electricity Department of our vocational and Economic Program.   Please share the news....

Just a Girl is endeavoring to develop a generation of young women to become Liberia’s next technocrats. Are you a young woman who is passionate about becoming an electrician? If the answer is yes, Just A Girl is willing and here to make your dreams come through to help you achieve this goal.  

We are raising a movement of empowered girls and women to take charge and channel their destinies. In fulfillment of this goal, we are currently recruiting 10 young women. We want to see a Liberia where young women are rising up as technicians, to contribute to Liberia's post-war developments. 

Age Requirement: 18 years and above 

Educational Requirements: interested female must be at least a high school student or a high school graduate.

Submission: You are to  submit a one-page letter of interest stating why you want to do electricity at Just A Girl. what’s do you hope to achieve after learning this course and or send it to 


2021/2022 Back To School Donation

What: Back To School Donation to Poor Children 

When: October 16- 22, 2021 

Where: 6 Communities (Montserrado & Margibi Counties) 

Who: 150 Poor Liberian school children (males and females) ages 3 to 17 years of age. 

Why: To put smiles on the faces of poor children and to help ease some of the financial burdens faced by single parents and poor families by helping to provide their children with some learning materials they need to make their learning easier. 


The current harsh economic challenges in the country have made it almost impossible for many children to return to school, two weeks now since the 2021/2022 academic year commenced on November 1, 2021, as mandated by the Ministry of Education, all schools for the academic year. Two weeks now into the new school year, most children are unable to start school because of the parents' financial inability to raise their children’s fees. On the other hand, even those children whose parents have managed to have them enrolled, lack adequate learning materials to make their learning easier. This includes copybooks and other learning accessories. 


Just A Girls’ team headed by the founder and CEO will carry out the distributions in 6 counties within Margibi and Montserrado counties. This donation will specifically target poor and vulnerable children. We have identified needy beneficiaries from across the communities listed below which we have already mapped. JAGI will do a pre-screening or have a listing of said children who will benefit from the gesture. The target communities or groups are Sugar Hill Community in Red-Light and Johnsonville Logan Town Community in Montserrado County. In these two communities, we will serve 25 children per community which will total 50 recipients.

In Margibi County, the communities are Foto Community (30 children to benefit), Grand Gedeh Community (20 children), Love A Child Orphanage (25 children), and Freeport Community (25 children). All these will total 150 beneficiaries. The items to be donated include copybooks, pencils, sharpeners, color crayons, pens, and menstrual pads. 

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