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Community Service

This is our national youth volunteer program. We are growing a generation of young people and building in them a sense of nationalism to dutifully give back to their communities and country through volunteerism. Under our Community Service Program, we lead an array of young people within our network to voluntarily help clean communities and public places. Our young volunteers also give 2 hours of their time once a week to tutor students especially (girls) who have difficulty understanding Math and English in school. This is our After School Tutorial. All the young people who serve as tutors on our After-School Tutorial are all volunteers.

Giving to the needy:

Once every month, Just A Girl visits orphanages, ghettos, and people living with physical disabilities. donations vary from one group to another. materials that we donate are raised from friends, local partners, and well-meaning citizens who selfless giving to help put smiles on the faces of underprivileged people in the Liberian societies.  

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