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Women and girls are the most victims of violence and abuse in Liberian society. Several factors are responsible for this social menace: bad cultural practices, harmful laws, poverty, illiteracy, and the lack of education about their rights. 

As a subscriber of various international human rights law that seek the protection and advancement of girls and women rights, Just a Girl Initiative use these international human rights instruments as our guide in our advocacy:  The UN Security Council Resolution 1325, the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, Declaration on Human Rights, and the  Elimination of All Forms Violence and Discrimination Against Women. Under our advocacy program we are the voice to the voiceless.

We amplify our voices to speak against injustices, violence and abuses meted against girls, women and children in Liberia. We also provide safe space for women and girls to speak out on issues affecting them in their communities, families, and society. We draw governments, local and international partners  attention to  abuse of human rights. 

Just A Girl leads non-violence open advocacies on national and international issues that concern and affect the lives of girls and women, and we call national government and stakeholders attention for political or social change. We also lead social media campaigns for a more collective national and global action.

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