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JAGI’s mentorship program is open and targets girls and young women including youths from all sectors. We research and select some of Liberia's best and promising women who have made significant impacts and shifted their world positively to serve as role models to young women in our network. Most young people fail to reach their goals in life because they have never had the right kind of people to mentor them and provide them guidance for their careers and their lives.

Our mentorship program is unique. It goes beyond just having a mentor,  our young people during the mentorship have the opportunity to sit with their peers, influential young and older people in society who share their stories to help positively shift young people's minds and destinies.

The mentorship includes career guidance, personal and professional development, and leadership.

Just a Girl Mentors are polls of successful, professional, and experienced young and older influential Women who take time to guide and mentor young women and girls within our network on the positive way to embrace life. As mentors, they help girls make better career choices and grow into becoming professional young women by sharing their success stories of how they made it through life.

Our mentorship program is a platform that brings our beneficiaries or connects them in one space to interact with some of Liberia’s most influential, powerful, and nation-building women they maybe would have never had the opportunity to meet face to face in their lifetime.

These mentors help connect girls within our network, set their goals, and build their confidence to face life’s challenges with boldness and courage.

Career mentoring

Many young people in high school almost on the verge of graduating often do not know the kind of career choices to make before sitting a university/college entrance examination.

While other youths and young women who missed upon education or dropped out due to pregnancy or other life circumstances often feel there is no need to make career choices, as a result of this they go on living with no vision of a career.

The consequences of their inability to make the right decision of their career choices have led to many life failures of young people today in Liberia. JAGI’s career mentoring program hosts a series of career dialogues and events including paring a beneficiary to a career professional who will guide them in their career journey.

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