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Economic Empowerment & Vocational Training

Our empowerment program is geared towards empowering girls, women, and youths as well as and other promising young women who lack access to opportunities to enable them to live productively. Our overall goal for setting up the vocational and economic program is to empower girls and women with marketable skills to fight off their vulnerability and poverty. Educating them about their rights is good, but after educating them about their rights, it’s important to give them economic empowerment.  

To achieve this, Just A Girl runs a tuition-free vocational and life skills program that offers beneficiaries skills in the areas of  Tailoring, Interior Decoration, Catering, Computer Education &. Soap Making.  We teach beneficiaries the benefits of working with their hands and earning to own incomes with pride and dignity.

We empower to add value to lives and bring about economic independence among girls to become economically independent to reduce abuses against them and to reduce their vulnerability in the Liberian society. 

The vocational and skills program is run for 3, 6, and 9 months cycle. At the end of each circle, beneficiaries are certificated qualifying them to work in the field in which they have acquired skills.

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