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Amb. McDella Cooper Encourages Young Women’s Participation in Election Process

“Elections should not been seen as men’s affairs, young women of voting ages too have an important voice and part in Liberia’s electioneering process”
Ambassador McDella Cooper, the political leader of the Movement for One Liberia (MOL), one of the few strong female politicians in Liberia was very clear and vocal in her call to young women of Just A Girl network on the importance of their participation in electioneering process in the country.
She stressed that often times, men are seen the full-runners of elections while young women are made to believe that they are only best suited for cheering squirts, something she disagreed with. According to madam cooper, every young woman of voting ages has the right to called aspirants and question them about their plans and their manifesto for which they are seek their votes.
Calling politicians and questioning them about their platforms, she added puts girls and young women in a better position to informed decisions as to which candidate to elect to pubic offices.
The reason citizens vote in elections Amb. Cooper reminders Just A Girl Network is to give people the mantol of leadership to adopt policies that are directed towards changing and empowerment the lives of the population and by providing adequate access to education, health care, roads and infrastructures, electricity and  other basic needs.
“Don’t vote a person because they are giving voters handouts, rice or cash, vote because of the tangible nature of portfolio”
She also further encouraged the young women in attendance to personally evaluate herself to ascertain for themselves whether she (McDella Cooper) possesses the kind qualities for which she should be elected president of Liberia.
In Liberia, electioneering activities are predominantly headed by men, with young women only made to understand that when the politicians needs the crowd and wanting to pull more people at their political rallies the presence of girls and women are then solicited.
When it comes to national decision making as who gets represented on the listing of political parties, the decision are often made by men who are often at the helm of leadership within various political parties in Liberia.
This narratives Amb. Cooper concluded as saying has to change, but this can only change when girls and young women see themselves as major stakeholders of Liberia’s election process and not back benchers nor alternative voters.
“Your voice is your power, and your vote can change the course. Don’t leave election activities to only men and be kept in the back as cheering squirts, you have a voice so make use of it” Amb. McDella Cooper told JAGI Network Members.
Ambassador Cooper was speaking when she attended our “Know The Candidates” civic and interactive forum at our facility in Lower Margibi County.  
‘Know the Candidates Forum’ was organized in 2017 with a goal of bringing political aspirants face-to-face with our network members to better understand their personalities, their reasons for vowing for public office and their political manifesto. This process is to allow girls and young women make informed choices or future determination to who they elect as candidate during electioneering processes.

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