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Annex Construction for The Computer Lab, Catering  & Soap Depts. Completed



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Annex Construction for The Computer Lab, Catering  & Soap Depts. Completed

What was announced in August by JAGI’s CEO has now become a reality. On August 14, 2021, at a program marking the graduation of beneficiaries from the second cycle of the economic empowerment program, the Chief Executive officer announced plans to add 3 more courses to the program, which were computer literacy, soap making, and electricity.

Adding new courses to the program would mean creating more spaces to accommodate new beneficiaries joining the program. Already, with the influx of beneficiaries into the program, the learning space was becoming a challenge, thus making the expansion of the facility extremely necessary.

The board of directors in a congratulatory message on the dedication and official opening of the annex thanked the chief engineer and his team Mr. Foday Kollie for the quick speed at which the project was carried out. From foundation to roof and finishing touches, Mr. Kollie and his team completed the project in a space of one month.

“I must praise the commitment and passion of the chief engineer and his team  for their level of work, and today all the stress  of the catering students moving the ovens and stuff around have ended." Mr. Samuel Darpolor, Board Chair, Just A Girl Initiatives. 

At the moment, we are in dire need of additional computers to complete the set and number of computers in order to enable each student to get assigned to a computer during instructional time to enhance their practical work. Currently, there are only 8 computers. Just A Girl appreciates donations in this regard. 

Thanks to the Capernaum Baptist Church Family for their generosity in providing Just A Girl the space  to turn the initial existing makeshift structure into a full concrete building.

The project cost is around three thousand Eight hundred United States Dollars ($3 800). We are thrilled by the fact that 90 percent of the funds were raised from donations from friends and Just A Girl Individual sponsors. We are extremely grateful to the following individuals who made significant contributions to the construction of the new annex, Rev. Emmanuel J. Giddings, Madam Matilda Potter, Mr. Roland Ope Cooper, Pastor Harper Sarmah Mrs. Prof. Shani Carter, Rev. Joseph S. Elliott, and the CEO, Mrs. Evelyn Kpadeh Seagbeh.

The new annex now hosts the Computer, catering, and soap-making departments. With this new annex students of the catering department do not need to move the ovens around as they did in time pass for fear of them being stolen, which meant they had to move them in and out of the tailoring class every other class day. The burdens are lifted and they even have enough space that accommodates about thirty to forty students per class time.

The computer department has a capacity of taking up to 24 computers. Each computer desk partition has the capacity to take up to 2 laptops or computers at a time.

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