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Cycle 3 graduation, 42 Women, Girls, and young Men Receive Certificates 

May 1 2022


Cycle 3 graduation.jpg

Cycle 3 graduation, 42 Women, Girls, and young Men Receive Certificates

On May 21, 2022 a total of 42 beneficiaries predominantly girls and women who make up 90 percent of the beneficiaries were officially certificated following the completion of Just A Girl vocational and economic empowerment program.

This comes following their completion of 6 months of intensive training and skills development in tailoring, soap-making, interior decoration, computer literacy, and catering and pastry.

Serving as keynote speaker at the 3rd cycle graduation and certification program, Margibi County District 1 Representative, Hon. Tibelrosa S. Tarponweh acknowledged the beneficiaries to overlook the knowledge acquired from Just A Girl.

According to Hon. Tarponweh, technical vocational education is cardinal to national development and job creation, especially for youths and women who make up an integral part of the Liberian population.

He praised Just A Girl for giving girls, women, and now young men access to economic empowerment for consistent 5 years by making it affordable and accessible at almost no cost putting them in a better position to create a job for themselves.

“What Just A Girl has been doing by providing vocational and educational empowerment is worth commendations. JAGI is buttressing the central government's effort in the area of economic empowerment and job creation. To your the graduates I can only encourage put into practice what you have learned and make some money out of those skills.” Representative Tarponweh encouraged the graduates saying.

Since the launch of our vocational and economic empowerment program in 2017, about  305 girls, and women have been enrolled in the program and now benefiting young men.

The event brought together beneficiaries, their families and loved ones, members of our board and sponsors, and community leaders who give huge support and endorsement to our work in communities.

Cycle 3, 2021/2022 graduates were comprised of thirteen graduates from the tailoring, twelve from the catering, 5 from the decoration, 5 the from soap, and 7 from the computer departments totaling forty-two.

At the end of the certification, cycle 4 of the empowerment program was launched with financial and material commitments made by friends, guests, and community residents. At least over one hundred and fifteen thousand Liberian Dollars were committed and one computer for cycle 4 which is expected to start in mid-June.

What to expect for cycle 4? JAGI’s CEO announced a partnership with the office of Margibi County District 1 Representative Hon. Tibelrosa Tarponweh who have committed to pay the registration of the majority of the incoming beneficiaries.

With a formal MOU signed between Just A Girl and the Tarponweh Foundation, the foundation will support 150 beneficiaries in the program. This number will be spread across all the 6 departments, electricity, tailoring, decoration, catering, soap making, and computer departments.

Cheers and excitement filled the hall when Madam Seagbeh announced the partnership with the Tarponweh Foundation for the next cycle.

“As you know, Just A Girl empowerment program is tuition free, the only requirement is for beneficiaries to do their registration which costs just $3,000 LD or $20USD for the entire 6 months of the program cycle, but yet some of you cannot still afford although you have strong desire to get empowered, so with this partnership, your registration will be settled by the Tarponweh foundation. All you need to do and to make up your mind to start and end the program and make the most of this opportunity.” JAGI’s CEO announced to the audience.  

The 150 beneficiaries will be drawn from about 10 communities in Montserrado and Margibi Counties.

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