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Just A Girl honors three young Liberia women

For their courage and steadfastness in overcoming the odds of life and yet living their full potentials, Just a Girl Initiatives Thursday presented honors to three inspiring young Liberian Women.

The certificate “Certificate of Honor and Admiration” were awarded to Ms. Josephine Davies, Tetee Gebro, and Estelle Liberty Kemoh for their perseverance, their years of advocacy for the promotion, protection, empowerment, and advancement of women and girls, and as well as their perseverance in their professional journey through life to their current status in the Liberian society. 

The goals and objectives of the honoring and recognition are to openly express our admiration of the honorees, appreciate their service to Liberia and appointments in government as young leaders and lastly admit them, honorees, to Just a Girl pool of professional mentors. 

Despite the way, life treated them, now fully grown into young professional women; Estelle, Josephine, and Tetee including, Ciata Stevens have become assets to the country and hope for many young Liberia Women wanting to be like them or even more.

There is a need for an integrated approach to address the national challenge of teenage pregnancy, prostitution, early and single motherhood and many other social vices that undermine the productivity of young women and girls.

One of the ways to help solve and prevent young women from being victims of the many social vices and live their lives in full potentials is to link them to inspiring young women like Tetee Gebro and Estelle Liberty Kemoh, Josephine, Ciata  Stevens d’Almeida, and Josephine Davis to become their mentors.

There is no time for society to hold young women and girls responsible for the negative situation the challenges of life have turned them into,  but rather;  it is the responsibility of everyone especially young successful women to showgirls the way out and better options to live their lives to the fullest.

About the honorees…

Estelle Liberty Kemoh –

 In a male-dominated media setting, with less regard to better salaries and wages for journalists, she pursued her career. Estelle rose from being a mere reporter to senior reporter and later to a managerial post of Assignment Editor at power FM and power TV where she last worked with deep prior to being appointed by the president of Liberia Amb. George Weah now serving as the Deputy Director-General For Administration at the Liberia Broadcasting  System. As assignment editor at the time, Estelle assisted the News Editor; she assists the news director in editing scripts. Due to her passion for women and girls, Estell also currently runs a self-help initiative that empowers young women and girls, known as the Estelle Liberty Kemoh Empowerment Center.

Tetee Gebro is a professional Liberian female journalist. She has been in the profession for more than 7 years. She has earned awards for herself in the noble journalism profession. Key among her awards was when she emerged winner of Business Reporter of the Year for her 10-minute radio piece on food prices. Judges at the time described her work as the best story of the year and a groundbreaking achievement for Liberian radio. She has served several media entities in Liberia few of which include: Sky FM, Love FM, Ok Fm, and a specialist report of New Narrative. With her gender lenses and trained in gender and human rights reporting, prior to getting appointed in government investigated and reported a variety of stories of human rights abuse cases affecting women and girls. She held the government, stakeholders, and various groups’ feet to the fire through her radio platforms advocating for the protection of women and girls. Her years of work spoke for her which subsequently led her to be appointed by President George Weah as the Deputy Director for Broadcast of the Liberia Broad Casting System.

Josephine W. A Davies Politics in Liberia was often associated to be a men’s venture, a no-go zone for women and girls. But finding herself in the country’s biggest opposition political party that has come to power, the Congress for Democratic Change, Josephine inspired and led young people of her party into active political participation and led series of campaigns and non-campaign events that encouraged youths to speak out. With her political dream, Josephine was persistent in following her dream to become a politician for which she served as the Vice-chair for Administration for the youth wing of her party. She is one of the few young females in the country active in politics and rise to a strategic position within political parties. Appointed by the president in her current capacity as Inspector General of the Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Ms. Davies is determined to ensuring the business environment is conducive for the livelihood of Liberians.

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