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Just A Girl’s CEO selected as a speaker for US Embassy’s sponsored Engagement for Quality Education project

We are glad to form a part of the US Embassy’s Liberia-sponsored Engagement for Quality Education project which targets to benefit over one thousand schoolgirls in 3 of Liberia’s 15 counties.
Engagement for Quality Education is a leadership Project that promotes girls’ self-actualization and well-being in Liberia targeting 1,225 girls age 14 to 18 years to encourage them to remain in school and advises them on career choices and inspire them to build their leadership skills. 
About two weeks running now in its second phase, Just a Girl Initiative’s founding Executive Director is among the polls facilitators providing mentoring for beneficiaries of the project.
Topics taught the girls during these implementations of the projects include, building confidence, leadership, perfect use of social media, combating sexuality, Girls Education, loving and respecting oneself, and public speaker.
Other topics highlighted are, Handling Negative Words and Issues, introduction to computer and PowerPoint, and composition and comprehension.
Helping girls build their self-confidence, Just a Girl’s Executive Director Evelyn Kpadeh Seagbeh inspire the young women during the first two phases during the mentoring session to always believe in their own ability and know that there is a hero inside each of them that enables them to do whatever that would advance their lives and as well compete with boys in school.
“The only reason why girls will always not be willing to participate and form part of a school quizzing team and play a role at a major school event is that she does not have confidence in herself that she does it”
“The problem is not that girls are dull and lack ability the boys have, but something inside of them always tells them, ‘you can’t do-, leave that to the boys” ” Evelyn Kpadeh Seagbeh motivated the girls as saying in Grand Bassa, Margibi and Montserrado Counties. 
She then inspired the girls to believe in themselves noting that there is a Hero inside of them that gives them the ability just as the boys; to do anything, called self-confidence, and further motivated them to always explore it and not be afraid of failing or people laughing at them.  
With her passion for seeing young women and girls develop and explore their potentials, Madam Seagbeh believes that when girl’s confidence levels are built; it becomes easier for them to pursue their dreams, get into leadership and as well love and respect themselves in high esteem.
Evelyn is among eight other US Alumni Exchange Program Participants that are facilitating the various workshop sessions across the project counties.

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