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The official launch of Just A Girl Paynesville Empowerment Center

April 20, 2022

We are very well pleased to officially announce the official launch of Just A Girl Paynesville Empowerment Center (Center 002). The event will be held Saturday, April 23, 2022. The Venue is Jesu Joy Ministries Edifice, behind Lucky Pharmacy, near the Joe Bar Football Field, or behind Montserrado County Superintendent's House. The time is 1 pm. 
The opening of the Paynesville Empowerment Center is part of Just A Girl's goal this year to extend the program to other communities to benefit more girls and women who cannot afford to attend tuition-paid schools. The target for the Paynesville center is 100 beneficiaries. The program is expected to bring together incoming beneficiaries of the Paynesville center, current beneficiaries from the Duazon Center, JAGI staff, and invited guests, which will include influential people from both the private and public sectors and other community members. 
The program will be a fundraiser and launch. For the fundraiser, the goal is to obtain at least 15 new sewing machines for the Paynesville Branch, increase the skills trainers stipend for the six months of the program cycle, which totals $1,400 USD, and materials for the students beginning practical work.

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