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Madam Matilda Potter cautions Just A Girl graduates to aim for the best


The keynote speaker at Just A Girl 2nd skills training certification and closing cautioned beneficiaries of the program to always aim for the best and adequately utilized the skills acquired.

Madam Matilda A. Potter motivated the beneficiaries of how vocational skills helped her throughout her life journey.

“I am also a product of a vocational school so I know the benefit it brings to a person, and I want you to do it at your best and always aim for excellence in your service to your clients.”

Giving her experience, she told the graduates to take seriously what they have learned and make the best use of it to impact lives.

Madam Potter said she was happy that most of the graduates were women indicating, “No man wants a liability. Every man wants a woman who can help with the home.”

Speaking particularly to the women who graduated along with the few men, she added that the values the woman have added to themselves will help them be good wives.

According to her, a lady who has added value to herself will have fewer problems in her home as compared to a woman who sits home and wants her husband to do every little thing for her and the kids.

She said,” I tell you for a fact, no knowledge is a waste. If you have the opportunity to learn, learn and do not get tired, learn until you cannot stop learning because whatever you learn will be used in the future.”

Narrating her own story, Mrs. Potter said her parents were able to take her through high school level, but indicated that it reached a point they could not afford to pay her fees in university anymore.

She told the graduates and the audience that it was the skill she acquired from the Conduit of Potential that helped her through her university studies.

 “I put my time to work and since I left my previous place of work, people (customers) still go there asking for me,” Mr. Potter said.

Life, she added is how one decides to make it adding that ‘there are people who graduated with different degrees from universities, but what they do for a living is far different from the university studies’.

It was in this light that the youthful guest speaker said, “Put your time to the skills you have learned for Just A Girl, this could be your lifetime career.”

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