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Ms. Marennie calls for youth volunteerism

The Executive Director of a local non-for-profit- Girls and Development, Ms. Marennie Mitchell wants members of Just a Girl Initiatives (JAGI) to develop a passion for community service and volunteerism.
She to Members of Just A Girls Initiatives that community service and volunteering are the best ways for youths of giving back to their community and society and serves as a medium for youth connection to their local community.
“One thing that is lacking among young people in Liberia is volunteer and involvement into community service”
“There is power in volunteering. You can’t believe how volunteering is a strong tool for connecting young people to their communities and serves as a path for empowerment opportunities you may not get from donors. As you find yourself a member of JAGI, let not your mind be; what you can get from the organization and the society, but what you can offer through your free service to the community” Ms. Mitchell said.
Mitchell who started advocacy for the protection of women and girls at the age of 15 also shared her organization’s success over the years through community service and volunteering.
She said their volunteering initiatives became a building block of relationships between the young people of her organization and stakeholders that brought their work to prominence.
Ms. Mitchell spoke when she paid a special visit to the organization’s regular meeting held on Sunday in Duazon, Lower Margibi County.

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