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Rev. Samuel Enders donates LD $ 25,000 to Just A Girl

The founder of the African Dream Academy Foundation and also current Representative of District # 6 Montserrado County, Rev. Samuel Enders has committed to $ 25, 000 Liberian Dollars to Just a Girl Initiatives.
Making the commitment at the recent launch of Just a Girl’s skills program for women and girls, the state’s man and educator informed the gathering that it was his own way of showing support to the work of the organization which is helping impact the lives of those he considered “vulnerable” in Lower Margibi.
Rev. Enders long before being elected as representative to the Liberian Legislature for Montserrado County has been one of the single most supporters of JAGI’s efforts going beyond his district and ‘constituent sentiment’.
Although Just a Girl Initiatives day-to-day activities and the office is not situated in Montserrado County District 6, Representative Enders has demonstrated what the organization describes “as a leader beyond borders and district”.
In his special statement at the launching ceremony, Rev. Enders said his contribution was in the name of Just a Girl 5 mentors, who have helped in supporting the efforts of JAGI’s Founder and Executive Director.
“I am very much excited to be here and I want to express my thanks and appreciation to the executive director and the mentors who have taken upon themselves to empty themselves and be a great help role model to all of you”
I also want to thank all of you who came to this program and that you should be an example to those who did not come and do your best to take advantage of this program” Rev. Enders said.
In acceptance, Just a Girl’s CEO expressed gratitude to the African Dream Academy’s Director and describing his continuous contribution as one that the organization appreciates and a relationship that goes beyond elections campaigning.
“I want to thank you Rev. Enders because of what you stand for, you are a man with a good heart and I don’t see as those regular or mere politicians, who would say and promise things they know they will never do”
“Even before and after the election, whenever just a Girl wrote you, you did not say Margibi District # 1 was not in your district and therefore you were not coming your you are too busy for us. You are one of those that have and continue to support Just a Girl”.
Mrs. Seagbeh furthered lamented that from the fundraising program held in September, some politicians who pledged tailoring machines and cash are yet to fulfill their promises, as she expressed hope that God touches their hearts to fulfill what they promised the organization a year on now.

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